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We get a lot of questions and confusion about technology. However, it’s not just limited to technology. It’s a larger problem with jargon. It’s hard to find what you’re looking for if you don’t know what specifically it’s called.

That’s the problem with traditional search engines. You have to know exactly the right term to put in. That’s where we come into the picture. We’ve established this site to help you figure out exactly how to find what you’re looking for.

Our team of experts will help you quickly navigate through a world full of jargon and confusions. We’ll help you wade through all the technicalities to help you find exactly the term you’re looking for. 

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High Tech Hunting:

There are so many topics to cover, we couldn’t really decide how to rank them in terms of importance of relevance. So, we’re taking a personal approach, and making a note every time we hear something called by the wrong name, or we hear someone asking a question about a given term or item.

Tom’s starting us off with our first post, something that’s pretty close to home for him: high tech hunting.

Hi, Guys! Tom here. This week, I was out hunting with some buddies, and got home all covered in mud and leaves, late Sunday afternoon. My son Bryce, who’s almost 8, is just starting to get interested in hunting. Now, obviously, he's still a long way from youth season. But hearing him try and understand my gun setup made me realize how far we’ve come from a “bang bang” gun like you’d see in a Western.

My gun isn’t that far out of the ordinary, but it’s still pretty loaded with bits and bobs that I guess the average Joe wouldn’t really understand without a guidebook. So, here goes: your rough guide to some of the gun lingo you need to talk firearms without getting mixed up.

Gun Tech Primer (pun very much intended):

Action: (i.e. bolt action) the mechanical parts of a gun that move the bullet into place for firing, and get rid of the casing after each shot.

Ammo/Ammunition: these are the actual “loads” you’ll be discharging from your firearm with each round. They can come in bullets, slugs, or pellets. One unit of ammunition is called a “round”. So, if someone says “I put two rounds in that target”, they mean that they shot two bullets. Ammunition is measured in a caliber or gauge, like .330.

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See also: once you've got a handle on all the basic gun terminology, you will be well on your way to finding the best rifle scopes for the money, as well as the best sniper optics for tactical shooting. If you're interested in seeing Tom's rec's for other gun gear, drop us a line in the comment box!

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Hope you guys would look forward to our next topic on Goetterbote.info ;)

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